01 - 31 August 2020


The painter, designer and engraver Philippe Thomarel presents in this exhibition a
series of landscapes, mostly from its geography, Guadeloupe, which highlight
situation different subjects, such as bridges, dogs, trees ... Like a pochade,
rapid oil sketch of a landscape made with a pocket easel, it is placed in
situ to work from "nature" to canvases and drawings, in oil or charcoal, which
form a body of work imbued with great sensitivity and perfect mastery
pictorial, whatever the format and medium used. If the artist remains deeply
attached to his native land, he refuses to belong to a particular pictorial expression
which could enclose it in a category only linked to a territory because its
artistic approach feeds on multiple imaginations.
Currently in artist residency at the Memorial Acte de Pointe-à-Pitre, he is preparing a
series of unexpected works that will be integrated into the permanent collection of

Régine Cuzin / exhibition curator

Philippe Thomarel gifts us of an intimate exhibition, where the artist introduces us, through various techniques, to his emotional duality. The exhibition is made of takes of Philippe’s live in Guadeloupe at different moments in time. Alongside colorful works celebrating the beauty of the island, he also presents more monochromes works amplifying his state of mind.


If no human being is drawn on the canvas, our perpetual interaction with nature is clearly expressed, in particular, in the bridge’s paintings. Beyond the fact that bridges are civil engineers’ masterpieces, they participate in the cultural and traditional bound between the two islands Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, uniting them toward a common destiny.


“Landscape” is a patchwork of equally intense and delicate artworks, where the artist invites us to celebrate life, but also where the metaphysical anxieties of every man being are expressed, questioning the purpose of our life on this planet.


Chrystelle Merabli Tharsis / Krystel Ann Art



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