The Gallery


Krystel Ann Art is a contemporary art gallery and agency founded in 2016 by two collectors from Guadeloupe (island of the French Antilles), Olivier Tharsis and Chrystelle Merabli, specialized in the promotion of Caribbean Art. The agency also works with renowned contemporary artists such as Philippe Pasqua.

Krystel Ann Art develops its own projects basing its artistic selection on a demand for singularity: Olivier and Chrystelle seek out difference in approach, originality in expression and sensitivity in aesthetics. Since its creation, the agency participated in international art fairs and organized exhibitions in several galleries around the world (France, Portugal, Angleterre, Russie, Suisse, Monaco).

On the other side, Krystel Ann Art works as a service provider for public institution, leading important artistic projects. In 2018, the agency has been selected by Essonne Department to organize "Allegoria", the Philippe Pasqua Retrospective at Domain of Chamarande. It also started to work for the Guadeloupe Region on "Éclats d'îles" project, a public initiative for the promotion of guadeloupean artists.

Olivier Tharsis created and managed Bik Kreyol in Guadeloupe: a unique cultural space with an ambitious program that brought together music, dance and theater in a single venue. This place occupied a central role in the social and artistic life of Guadeloupe.
Chrystelle Merabli established herself in finance and real estate via several companies in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. Meanwhile, her passion for art led her to invest in a rich collection of contemporary designers, painters and sculptors.

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