Françoise Semiramoth


Françoise SemiramothOpération coup de poing


Mixed technics on canvas


Françoise SemiramothCalamity Jane

Acrylic on canvas



Françoise SemiramothLa Belle et le centaure

Acrilic on canvas


Françoise Semiramoth
Françoise Semiramoth
Françoise Semiramoth


Living and working in Marseille for 20 years, Françoise Semiramoth has been able to develop many techniques there such as painting. Nowadays, the artist discovered another production technique: screen printing, focusing on the studying of color. The artists project under the title of "Creole Caravaggio" is based on two aspects: the technical aspect and the geographical / historical aspect. The artist's work in the monumental serigraphic form allowed her to gain an autonomy of production as for her research about color.

What is color? How does one color interact with another? Color as signifier or signified? Caravaggio, baroque painter of the 17th century, one of the masters of chiaroscuro is the opposite of what the artist developed in her artistic universe,pushing Françoise out of her comfort zone as a painter. Shadow without using "the dark"? The juxtaposition of one color on another, by extension creating light (as Matisse could do in painting). How do you maintain the precise line of one of the greatest painter in art history? By the stylization of forms while keeping the essence of the form. A priori, Caravaggio may seem far removed from my iconography, from my history, but isn't the artist's own thing to draw inspiration from the past in order to create the future? In addition, associating the pattern with the form, the subject is different.
"Creole Caravaggio" can make reference to my origins but also to a historical notion. Re-contextualizing a so-called "classic" work through color and shapes modify the meaning and the message. An extract from the text "Françoise Sémiramoth cannibalize Caravaggio" by Maryse Condé 2020: "One may wonder why Francoise Semiramoth attacks this painter, Caravaggio, what ties unite her to this devastating and often dark painting? We can only formulate a series of hypotheses. First of all, the character of Caravaggio seduces and astonishes, especially the colonized to whom all form of obedience repels.  He was not a model of what is expected of a painter, of an intellectual. He was engaged in brawls and quarrels and knew the prison. This life of revolt confers on the author a character of refusal, of sedition. The themes of the paintings attract: Love not conceived as an abstraction and object of dream, but physical, even carnal. The cannibalization of Francoise Semiramoth goes further. She undoubtedly perceives in this painter mysterious relationships with his native Guadeloupe. The trees become creole piebwa, loaded with life and offering through their immense leafy gifts that cannot be refused. A question of importance now arises. Is cannibalism a ploy for the colonized alone in their struggle for intellectual liberation? Certainly not. In the end every creator is a cannibal. Just browse a museum or flip through the pages of library books to be convinced. This cannibalism is not always conscious. It operates through dreams, influences, admiration for such and as a Master.

Even if Caravaggio was aware, the author has every right to transform any work as he wishes. The cannibalism of the creator cannot be questioned. Any creator has every right to transform a work when he feels impulses and tensions within it that respond to his own.Francoise Semiramoth carries Caravaggio within her.

Quite simply, she is Le Caravagecreole, thus demonstrating that through time and gender difference, there is a secret affiliation that resists definition and reason. "-



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« La peinture de Françoise Sémiramoth géométrise l’espace et en approfondit l’intensité par des confrontations de pigments monochromes savamment déclinées. Sa lecture en est plutôt directe, simple, quasi-instinctive, et comme cherchant à se débarrasser de toutes les inutilités qui trop souvent encombre la peinture contemporaine. Les corps sont tantôt noués, ressoudés, dispersés, réséqués, découpés dans l’espace pour ne laisser qu’une apparence troublante où le regard du peintre s’affronte à ses propres limites. La peinture ici efface les repères convenus, dilate l’espace, traque la moindre afféterie en la remplaçant par une quête de l’essentiel. Le noir employé, encore qu’il conviendrait mieux de dire déployé, nous donne à ressentir cette vibration souterraine des espaces ; il est comme le socle de la couleur d’où dérivent peu à peu ces grands continents de corps, traités à la manière d’une géographie de l’humain. La ligne droite, tangente à une courbe, la rencontre en un seul de ses points...... Les tableaux sont des objets du monde, ils ont la même capacité à provoquer en moi cette perte de conscience qui est le passage à une conscience plus aiguë et plus sûre. J’ai découvert dans les toiles de Françoise Sémiramoth le mystère qui me confond, et j’écris à partir d’elles, comme à partir des objets du monde dont la beauté fascine, des poèmes qui, tentant de dévoiler l’énigme, la compliquent et creusant le secret, l’approfondissent. De la même façon que je rencontre en un point le monde qui m’est altérité mais auquel pourtant je participe en ce point toute entière, ainsi je rencontre dans la création l’autre Françoise au point exact où nous reconnaissons en nous la féminité. Ou l’humanité, ou la douleur, ou la révolte au gré de celui qui à son tour nous rencontre. » F.Donadieu 1