Kongo Cyril


Kongo Cyril

"Les nouveaux outils" - mixed media on French linen - 200x200cm - 2017


Kongo Cyril

"Donut Bleu" - mixed media on French linen - 80x90.5cm - 2017


Kongo Cyril

"Science Couleur" - mixed media on French linen - 180x130cm - 2016


Kongo Cyril

"Etre vivant" - mixed media on French linen - 162x130cm - 2019


Kongo Cyril

"Let me go lover"- mixed media on French linen - 100x100cm - 2018


Kongo Cyril

"Love"- Fiberglass sculpture - 200X200x100cm - 2019


Kongo Cyril

"Love"- Bronze sculpture - 70X70x30cm - 2019


Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril
Kongo Cyril


Cyril Phan is a French graffiti artist born in 1969, better known under the internationally pseudonym of Kongo. He is one of the leading figures of the French graffiti art scene.

Born to a Vietnamese father and French mother, after the fall of Saigon in 1975, the artist lived two years in the Republic of Congo with his mother. Kongo first started doing graffiti in 1986. He was a part of the famous MAC Group – Mort Aux Cons. Kongo was first known as a tagger and graffiti artist on the Parisian, European and American urban scene. In twenty years of practice, he became a recognized international Graffiti artist. He has contributed greatly to defend graffiti as an artistic discipline.

Cyril Kongo’s body of work is marked by his experiences and his vision of life.

After painting in the streets for more than 30 years and working so graffiti can be perceived differently, this artiste is now considered as a pioneer who understood how to break the codes and build something new through his contemporary and avant-gardiste point of view. His influences are multicultural, his level of excellence and his capacity to create new bridges between opposite worlds has forged his style and career.

Kongo has participated in many national and international festivals, exhibiting his works. His art was also featured in several gallery exhibitions, mostly in France. His works are now part of important private collections.

With this recognition, prestige brands began to commission Kongo for the creation of luxury goods, including a silk scarf (a carré) with Hermès in 2011; a pâte de verre spray-paint can with crystal manufacturer Daum in 2016, and a watch with Richard Mille.

While evolving in his art and his vision. Cyril Kongo has therefore been able grow and attract attention more and more. That is how Karl Lagerfeld has been drove to him and ended up collaborating with him for the 2018 Chanel Métier d’Art collection showed in New York. This prestigious collection emphasizes the most specific and complicated technics in the industry of haute couture.

This artist is representing the subculture of graffiti and is evolving in the institutional art sphere. He’s goal is not to change graffiti but to make his perception evolve. Cyril Kongo presents is knowledge and his background as a precious savoir-faire, that he is using as a tool to highlight crafts and technics from our legacy and give them a new life. For him it is a bridge that can link the past to the future with common vision of hard work, excellence and creativity.



  • Immortels (solo show)  - Saint Barthélemy - France


  • Chanel Métier d'art Paris (solo show and collaboration) - New York, USA
  • Kongo (solo show, presentation of the plane) - 8e Avenue Champs-Elysées, Paris, France
  • Galerie Byblos of hotel Byblos, St Tropez, France
  • Bitcoin (solo show) show room Pinel & Pinel - Hong Kong, China


  • Love is the answer (solo show) - Galerie Art Thema Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Kongo chez Barnes (solo show) - Paris, France
  • Les éphémères de Kongo (solo show) - Rue François Premier, Paris, France
  • Vos papiers s'il vous plait (solo show) - La Fabrique Royale, Paris, France
  • Applications (solo show) - Galerie Taglialatella, Paris France


  • Power of link  - Arthema Galerie, Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Off the wall D.Gallery - Jakarta, Indonésie
  • Off the wall (exposition collective au musée national de Jakarta) - Kakarta, Indonésie


  • Mr colorful (solo show) - Galerie Matignon, Paris


  • Matignon présente "Kongo" (solo show) - Galerie Matignon, Paris


  • A Stroll in Paris with Kongo (solo show)  - D.Gallery, Jakarta, Indonésie
  • J'adore l'art de rue (solo show)- Ming art gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2a Bienal Internacional  Graffiti Fine Art - MuBe- São Paulo, Brazil


  • From Paris with Love (solo show) - Galerie 28th Février, Singapour
  • One Love - Central Plaza, Hong Kong, China
  • Ne pas effacer - Galerie Wallworks, Paris
  • Do Not Erase - G-Dot Art Space, Pekin, China
  • Bon baiser de Paris (solo show) - Déjà Vu Gallery, Shangai, China
  • Off The Wall Paris - Galerie Wallworks, Paris, France


  • Off The Wall - Artspace @ Helutrans, Singapour
  • L'art du graffiti, 40 ans de pressionisme - Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
  • Graff in the City - Opera Gallery, Paris France
  • De la rue jaillit la couleur (solo show) - Galerie Wallworks, Paris, France
  • Infamous - The Space Gallery, Hong Kong, China


  • Pick it Up - Dragon I, Hong Kong, China
  • Macrew - Galerie Quality Street, Montreuil, Seine-Saint Denis
  • The Oven's Hot, The Bakery Gallery, New York, United States
  • Kosmo Art Tour - Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Propaganda Revolution - M1nt, Hong Kong, China
  • Wall Street Arts - Salihara Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Street Heart - Tokyo Art Club, Palais de Tokyo, Paris France
  • Le Tag au Grand Palais - Collection Gallizia, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Mac Hexagonade, Pol'N, Nantes, France
  • Thomas Lélu_Works with Kongo, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France
  • FIAC, Cour Carrée du Louvre, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France


  • Infusion - Bochum, Germany
  • MAC Sous le granit de 68 - Kosmopolite, Bagnolet, France
  • Hip Hop Dôme - Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, France


  • Graffiti & Consumption - Biennale bi-city Hong Kong, Shenzen, China
  • Moleskine Citynotebook exhibition, Hong Kong, China


  • Moleskine Citynotebook exhibition - Tokyo, Japan


  • MAC crew - Groeninge Museum, Bruges, Belgium


  • Ombre et lumière - Taxie Gallery, Paris, France


  • Calli-graff - La Laiterie, Centre Européen Jeune Création, Strasbourg, France