Antoine Nabajoth


Antoine NabajothArbre

Acrylique et feutre sur toile 2019



Antoine Nabajothcoq de combat

acrylique et feutre sur toile 2019


Antoine NabajothDanseuse

Crylique et feutre sur toile 2018


Antoine NabajothLa mère et la fille dans la savane

technique mixte sur toile 2017


Antoine NabajothSérie rose

acrilique et feutre sur tolie



Antoine NabajothSerie fleur

acrylique et feutre sur toile 2019


Antoine Nabajoth
Antoine Nabajoth
Antoine Nabajoth
Antoine Nabajoth
Antoine Nabajoth
Antoine Nabajoth


Born in 1964 and originally from Abymes

Director of the Art Workshop Antoine NABAJOTH

Member of Current Art and ADAGP (Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts)

President of the association 6A from 2008 to 2014


Member of the association of the Maison des Artistes

Listed in public collections: Caribbean, General Council, Regional Council, City of Abymes, City of Saint-François, City of Anse-Bertrand, City of Baie-Mahault, City of Lamentin, City of Petit-Bourg, SEMAG, Ministry of the culture,...


Indispensable Guadeloupean artist, Antoine NABAJOTH graduated from IRAV in 1990.


He obtained his CAPES in Plastic Arts in 2000.


Driven by his desire to share his passion for painting with young people but also with adults, he opened his art workshop in Abymes in 1998.

Antoine NABAJOTH takes part in several exhibitions in Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Santo Domingo, mainland France, Cuba and London.

His art is part of a gestural expression that reveals pain and violence that afflicts the material.

His art is distinguished by the emotions it arouses, his painting reflects his attachment to the values of his native country.