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Krystel Ann Art Galery

Krystel Ann Art is a contemporain art gallery opened in 2016 by Chrystelle Merabli and Olivier Tharsis, two art collector and active agent in the promotion of caribbean culture.

Our ambition is to promote leading and upcoming artist worldwide. We are specialized in the Carribean, latin america contemporain artworks. We also work with artists from our collection such as Philippe Pasqua on exhibitions for environment preservation.

Location: London - Lisbon


Éclats d'Îles 26th april - 9th may 2018

04 APRIL 2018

La Région Guadeloupe présente "ÉCLATS D'ÎLES" un cycle d’expositions de l’art Guadeloupéen à Paris à partir du 26 avril 2018, à la Galerie A2Z Art Gallery.

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Lausanne Art Fair 4th - 7th may 2017

20 MAY 2017

The contemporary art agency Krystel Ann Art and the Association Kouleurs et Sens exhibiting in Lausanne, Switzerland.

After Lisbon, London and Moscow, Cascais, next destination is the Palais de Beaulieu Lausanne.

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Vera World Fine Art Festival Lisbon 8th - 16th October 2016

02 OCTOBER 2016

The contemporary art agency Krystel Ann Art and the Association "An Tout Sos" continuing its efforts in collaboration with the Sens and Kouleurs network.

After London and Moscow, our next destination is the Nacional Cordoaria of Lisbon from the 8 to 16th of October, 2016.

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The 10th Anniversary World Fine Arts Festival "Traditions & Contemporaneity" 26th - 31th May 2016

07 APRIL 2016

Krystel Ann Art will represent Guadeloupe at the the 10th International Fine Art Festival "Traditions & Contemporaneity" held in Moscow at Exhibition Center "Manege" from the 26th to the 31st May. The 2 Guadeloupian visual artists selected by Krystel Ann Art to represent Guadeloupe are Jean-Francois Manicom, Goodÿ and Cedrick Boucard.

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Metamorphosis exhibition 10th - 14th April 2016

28 MARCH 2016

Krystel Ann Art in partnership with French Radio London, invites you to discover the new art exhibition "Metamorphosis" with artists Moisés Preto Paulo, Renato Rodyner, Jean Francois Manicom, Goodÿ.

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Goody, Ordo Ab Chaos exhibition 29th of january - 13th of february 2016

20 FEBRUARY 2016

Krystel Ann Art and Rodyner Gallery invited the guadeloupean artist Goodÿ for his exhibition Ordo Ab Chaos in Cascais Portugal.

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The artists

Moisés Preto Paulo


Renato Rodyner


Cedrick Boucard


Jean-Marc Hunt

Jean-Marc Hunt

Visual artist

François Piquet

Contemporary artist

Anaïs Verspan

Contemporary artist

Marcos Marin

Sculptor & painter

So Aguessy Raboteur

Artist & designer

Nicolas Nabajoth


Alain Josephine


La Boutique

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The artworks presented are part of our collection, some are available for sale, for hire or are loaned to private organizations or institutions.

Philippe Pasqua

Sculptor & painter

A free electron in the Universe of contemporary art, Philippe Pasqua embarked on a colossal challenge and sets himself the mammoth task of reproducing his 9-meter-long stainless steel shark which resides on the roof top of the Oceanographic museum in Monaco [...]
Stéphanie Pioda

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